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While rejecting anything mystical, the biologist Stuart Kauffman has suggested that Darwinian theory must somehow be expanded to explain the emergence of complex, intelligent creatures. And David J. Some of this is a matter of scientific taste. In fact, he believes, it may be the most fundamental of all.

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Going beyond Pythagoras and Plato, he sets out to show how matter, energy, space and time might emerge from numbers. But is mathematics, for all its power, really the root of reality? Or is it a product of the human mind? Reviewing Dr. The rest seems to be about nothing other than itself.

Easily one of the best books I ever read, and I read it three times. Every time I read it I understood it better. For me anyway, this is the best book, the best take, on what reality really is, when you see it in a way that most of our experience and what else do we have? It's the case for philosophical idealism.

The view that ultimate reality is mind-like, and what we call matter, or empirical or physical reality, are appearances of this reality in our own consciousness. What ult Easily one of the best books I ever read, and I read it three times. What ultimate reality is really like we cannot find out by perception, because we can never step out of our own mind to see what is really going on. To see what reality is really like when it is not perceived. The only way to get any intimations about it is via our own consciousness, since this must be more fundamental than the physical reality it creates.

Consciousness itself is nowhere to be found in physical reality because it's the other way round: everything is in consciousness. This view is the mainstream of thousands of years of philosophy and spiritual traditions through the ages all over the world. It's also completely compatible with modern science, which, at least for me, is very important, as science gives us our best shot at reality as we experience it, and if some philosophy is in contradiction with science I don't believe it can be true.

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Idealism isn't something you can prove, and neither is materialism. Both are assumptions, but idealism can cover a much larger part of all the data about the total human experience than materialism, which rather has to deny most of it, including even our own consciousness.

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So consciousness, instead of being a mysterious, bizarre and inexplicable by-product of certain complex physical processes, is in idealism seen as fundamental, as the ground of reality, giving a direction to the universe, towards more organized complexity and conscious experience of intelligent beings such as humans. This is in line with many of the eastern, and western, mystical traditions.

It's also supported by quantum physics. After all, we are not sitting in our heads like a tiny person, looking through the windows of our eyes at the world outside as it really is, even when noone is looking at it. This is an illusion.

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Physical reality is pure perception. Everything we experience, everything we see, hear, feel, smell and taste is a kind of virtual reality generated in our consciousness from information processing, algorithms it could be 1's and 0's , in what we perceive as our brains and body.

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Keith Ward's books deserve to be best sellers. They're very well written, with a fine sense of humour and old fashioned decency, far away from the harsh clashes of the ideological fundamentalists of our times. That instead the bookshops are stacked with Dawkins' and Dennett's books is part of a cultural trend, or modern belief system, which seems very powerful but is really transient I think. More and more books are being published that question the materialist dogma.

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I very much recommend this one. May 12, Zach Waldis rated it liked it. Ward writes clearly and without the typical philosophical jargon here. I am not as convinced as he is that the basic stuff of the universe multiverse? The touches of humor are also appreciated. Dec 31, Gary Woolley rated it really liked it.


Feb 14, Sam Eccleston rated it really liked it. Ward is a peculiar writer. He is witty and entertaining, and all his arguments are developed in an even handed way which avoids insistence at every turn. This makes him an enjoyable author to read, but sometimes it makes his conclusions land somewhat too lightly for their full import to be properly absorbed.

His lightness of touch extends even to the logic of his arguments, which are often not spelled out in particularly great detail, leaving the reader to fill in some of the gaps themselves. Related to this is the question of whether mental activity is causal in any real sense of physical activity. Ward argues for a form of dual aspect idealism that while arguing for the close connection of mind and body in human beings argues that Mind or Consciousness is One of the more hotly discussed issues in the academic world today is the question of whether the mind exists as anything more than an epiphenomenon of the synaptic impulses in our brains.

Ward argues for a form of dual aspect idealism that while arguing for the close connection of mind and body in human beings argues that Mind or Consciousness is properly basic and causal to the cosmos and that human minds reflect this relationship to the physical world. Along the way, he discusses the reality of our inner, lived experiences, the question of the soul and much more.

This is a philosophical argument for that is pitched for both philosophers and educated laypersons. It is understandable but not easy reason that lays out the different positions taken on these questions and Ward's own argument for his particular form of Idealism.

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I will add my apologies as a non-philosopher if I have mis-understood this discussion or Ward's position in any way! Oct 01, Roger Morris rated it really liked it. Keith Ward's books are rarely a casual read, and this was no exception. But it is well worth sticky with this densely packed book and pushing on to completion.

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I particularly liked Ward's treatment of biblical concepts of the soul and how he was careful to distinguish the Christian doctrine of bodily resurrection from the disembodied soul after death characteristic of Plato and Aristotle. Oct 18, Daniel rated it really liked it. Not only a great discussion about philosophy of mind, Ward will also make you chuckle throughout the book. Brendon rated it did not like it Jan 03, Lee rated it really liked it Apr 15, Dermot Kelly rated it really liked it Aug 11, Ashley Adams rated it really liked it May 15, Will rated it it was ok Jul 25, Hind rated it it was ok Dec 10, Elijah rated it really liked it Oct 16, David Anderson rated it really liked it Jul 17, Stuart Kenny rated it it was amazing Sep 06, S rated it really liked it Aug 03, Thur rated it really liked it Aug 14, Eiman Salih rated it liked it Jun 12, Jeff Richardson rated it really liked it Jul 26, Kevin Krahn rated it really liked it Apr 01, Naum rated it liked it Jun 18, Anthony rated it liked it Sep 20, Chris Moreby rated it it was ok Oct 12, John Quin rated it it was ok Aug 30, Kam Badial rated it really liked it Jan 21, Matthew Mccracken rated it liked it Aug 27, Walter rated it it was amazing Aug 17, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

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More than Matter? More than Matter?
More than Matter? More than Matter?
More than Matter? More than Matter?
More than Matter? More than Matter?
More than Matter? More than Matter?
More than Matter? More than Matter?
More than Matter? More than Matter?
More than Matter? More than Matter?

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