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Needle To The Groove

They got the entire party up on the dance floor. There was not a dull moment. Our wedding was a month ago and our guests are still raving about the great time they had dancing the night away with great music. Tom worked with us and really cared about our special day.

Needle In The Groove

Would highly reccomend! Needle in the Groove is our families 1 choice for every party! Tommy is an awesome DJ who takes a lot of time before every event to pick just the right song selections that cater to the crowd and get everyone up dancing and having fun!!! He just recently DJ'd our 25th wedding anniversary in Long Beach and the photo montage along with the music made the night amazing and fun!

He is personable, upbeat and adds a personal touch tonevery event especially this one to make it very special for everyone!

Needle in the Groove was amazing!! Tommy is a true professional.

Hire Needle In The Groove - DJ in Long Island, New York

He understood the vibe we wanted and helped us to throw an amazing party!! The dance floor was never empty. Tommy arranged for a Sax player and percussionist which really added another dimension to the music. I highly recommend Needle in the Groove if you want a rockin party!!

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The book is full of music and the descriptions of songs blew my mind, particularly when King Crimson happened to come on the radio while I was reading. After a chapter where, perhaps, the band meet up to rehearse, there will be a page long chapter 'describing' 'writing' or 'telling' might be better verbs here the song itself in beautiful, exploding, starbursts streaming over the riffs, poetry that I think can only be fully appreciated by someone who really appreciates music, whatever your chosen genre.

All in all, this is a book about music and musicians; how they come to be and how they often come to end. Jun 24, Jason Weaver rated it really liked it. Written in chunks between slashes, images splilling over each other spaced out like a lyric sheet. The novel uses one unexplained sci-fi concept which is really just a device to get to delving into the poetry and explore the ties between music, history and family. Burroughs' editing experiments. If you're looking for a traditional narrative, don't pick this up. If you love modern music and want Written in chunks between slashes, images splilling over each other spaced out like a lyric sheet.

If you love modern music and want your brain stretched, pick it up.

Needle in the Groove

Wildly inventive, music brought to words, words transliterated into musical sound. If you can imagine such a thing! Verbal dubs, reverb and remixes all dance across the pages. The plot is a bit weak, Noon's usual obsessions with trying to recapture a girl long lost but preserved in an aching heart. The history of generational repeated behaviour is just a bit soap operatic for my taste, but I just lay back and let the word vive infuse my whole body.

The style, a stark lyrical stream of consciousness, works far better than I feared it would. It both sets and suits the mood, and captures the perfect atmosphere for the first half of Needle In The Groove. But then the plot such as there is one starts to take over, and its like waking from a dream before you were done: the spell is broken. Jan 23, Roz Baynham rated it liked it. A novel to savior in small doses. The layout of the text encourages reading some passages like poetry, some like prose, some like art.

Needle To The Groove b/w Fresh Is The Word (7")

The musical timberline from skiffle through punk and new wave to down tempo and groove makes a fine backdrop for a gritty story of longing and discovery. I suspect this is the experience my English teachers wanted me to get from The Catcher in the Rye. Dec 01, Michael Elsey rated it liked it. Vurt and pollen are still best but another great fiction story based on our a latest social evolutions!! Jun 23, Ian White rated it liked it.

Impressive, but quite a difficult read, due to the experimental chopped-up language, and unconventional punctuation.

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Still very atmospheric, if considerably less enjoyable than Falling Out of Cars. Trippy, stoner-riffic, phychadelic account of a band trying to make it big in the mid ninties. I really struggled to get into this book, so much so that I gave up on it.

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I thought I would enjoy as I had loved previous works by this author, particularly Vurt. Might venture back one day. Ak vai. Liiz Ehdwall rated it it was amazing Mar 07, Hugh rated it really liked it Apr 12, Joshua rated it liked it Jul 23, Shannon rated it it was ok Jul 20, Alice rated it liked it Apr 23, Rotenovka rated it it was amazing Jan 15, Michelle Byrne rated it liked it Jul 08, Ariel rated it really liked it Jun 21, Shane rated it it was ok Jul 22, Darryl rated it it was amazing Feb 14, Pierre Meremans rated it really liked it Oct 21, Readers also enjoyed.

Science Fiction. Grateful Web Sponsors. Jason Blum releases "Radio Dial" on March 26, Scrapomatic Performing at Joe's Pub on Sunday. May 17 at pm.

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