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Large stationary threshers powered by steam engines or tractors, common in the early part of the 20th century, were part of harvesting systems in which the grain was cut either by binders or by headers. In most farm regions, threshers, binders, and headers were all superseded by combines during the 20th century. Article Media. Info Print Cite. Submit Feedback. Thank you for your feedback.

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According archeological and ethnographical materials, besides primary purpose, threshing board were used in a funeral rite. Obviously, boards were such a kind of mean of transport to carry the deceased to the Realm of Dead. There are evidences of using worn-out boards as a house door and that can be considered as a symbol of a borderline between the worlds. Sometimes threshing boards were used in a wedding ceremony.

Grain storage techniques - Grain harvesting, threshing and cleaning - Technical alternatives

As Georgian mountain dwellers believed storm appeared because the threshing board, the part of the St. Elijah vehicle, thundered while it was moving along the sky. According to archaic believes the process of threshing grain, parallel with the Bible texts, was equal to death and dispersion of essence, that later had to rebirth in repeatedly increased number.

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This is automatically opened or closed by a hydraulic cylinder when the transfer process starts and stops, and therefore reliably prevents valuable crop from dribbling away. In order to maintain good transfer efficiency in grass seed threshing, a special grass seed kit was also developed in addition for the IDEAL. This prevents grass seed blockages and allows the grain tank to be fully emptied.

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In doing so, the cover flaps of the auger in the grain tank floor are controlled from the armrest at the touch of a button. The elevator housing measures mm in diameter.

This leaves enough space for high throughput in all crop types. Close Close This website uses cookies to distinguish you from other users. This helps us to provide you with a good user experience and also allows us to improve our website. More info. Configurator Dealer Directory United Kingdom.

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Fendt MT. Fendt Vario. Fendt Vario MT. Fendt Vario MY Fendt Cargo Frontloader.

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A big plus for grip and soil. Fendt C-Series. Fendt L-Series. Fendt E-Series Fendt Katana. Fendt Squadra UD. Fendt square balers. Fendt Rotana fixed chamber round balers.

Grain Harvest and Threshing Time

Fendt variable round balers. Fendt Rollector. Fendt Cutter drum mower. Fendt Slicer disc mower. Fendt Twister tedder. Fendt Former Hay Rake.

Threshing the Grain Threshing the Grain
Threshing the Grain Threshing the Grain
Threshing the Grain Threshing the Grain
Threshing the Grain Threshing the Grain
Threshing the Grain Threshing the Grain

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