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However, there are still too many Tibet mysteries waiting for Tibet travelers and scientists and scholars to explore. This page shows the top ten unsolved mysteries of Tibet. When the weather is pleasant, one can always see milky white flag-shaped clouds on the top of Mount Everest.

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Prevailing winds from the west blow the cloud east like a billowing flag attached to the mountain. Ascending airflow caused by the mountains creates the cloud. Blowing snow could also create the cloud.

Massive and Mysterious Ice Avalanche in Tibet

The Mount Everest flag cloud posture is multifarious, looking like flags that flutter in the breeze sometimes, sometimes like a great wave; Turning into slender and graceful smoke at times. Because the change of the flag cloud can reflect the change in the high air-flows, the Mount Everest flag cloud is known as "the supreme vane of the world".

The surface of the Himalayas above 5, meters often dots with blood red spots and looks like red snow from afar. These red spots consist of Chlamydomonas nivalis, Chlorococcum infusionum, and other algae. In permanent ice and snow, the highland algae are widely distributed with strong cold resistance and does not die when the temperature is 36 degrees below zero celsius. The algae contain sanguine pigment in their bodies, so they are red in appearance. In the mid-9th century, the Tubo Kingdom collapsed.

The descendants established the Guge Kingdom and created a splendid civilization within years. Later in , Guge was overthrown by Ladakh. According to records, the slaughter and predation of the war was not enough to exterminate the Guge civilization. However, it just suddenly vanished like the ancient Mayan civilization.

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Today, the ruins of the Guge Kingdom leave us some amazing architecture, ancient paintings, the mysterious Guge Silver Eye , and so on. But why Guge civilization vanished so suddenly and without a clue to trace is still a mystery. Kailash Pilgrimage Private Tour. Kailash Pilgrimage Group Tour.

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Yeti, the Tibetan name for Abominable Snowman , is an ape-like hairy, biped creature said to inhabit the Himalayan region of Tibet and Nepal. So far there is no firm evidence to support the existence of the Yeti, but there is no way show that he doesn't exist either. If he indeed lives in the barren, frozen, upper reaches of the Himalayas where few men dare to tread, he may find his refuge safe for a long time to come.

Gterma is the re-excavated classics, hidden by Bon and Tibetan Buddhists when their religious beliefs were in catastrophe. Gterma includes possession of books, possession of sacred objects, and possession of knowledge. The most magical part is the possession of knowledge.

It refers to Gterma buried deep in people's consciousness. It is said that when a classic cannot be handed down in the event of a disaster, it can be granted by the gods to the depths of a person's consciousness to avoid being lost. When condition allows, in some mysterious inspiration, the Buddhist scriptures were granted and can be written or recorded to the core, even by some illiterate farmers and herdsmen.

These are quite powerful exercises, and doing them improperly even for a short time can result in insomnia, digestive problems, whatever—or, in the extreme, if you were to abuse the practice, you could have mental problems such as anxiety or depression," he says. Done correctly, these movements can be equally powerful as agents of healing and balancing the body and mind, beyond the extremes of supernatural abilities or destructive forces. In fact, the trul-khor systems are intricately designed to maximize positive effects on the body and mind.

Ancient Tibetan medicine identifies five elements—space, air, fire, earth, and water—which correlate to organs in the body and to emotions, both positive and negative.

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Chaoul-Reich says that the Bon tradition, in particular, explores the elements, though the system is also used in Tantra, Tibetan shamanism, and Dzogchen, and is similar but not identical to the five elements in traditional Chinese medicine. In the Trul-Khor of the Bon tradition, the first, or preliminary, cycle of movements is an introduction to the breath.

The second, more vigorous, cycle specifically balances the five elements and their corresponding afflictions. The movements of Yantra Yoga also address the body's "channels," says Andrico. There are five movements to mobilize the joints and five movements to control the channels. Before that we practice a breathing exercise designed to expel the impure prana. Finally, says Andrico, there is a series called the vajra wave, designed "to correct any possible obstruction of the flowing of prana created by distraction during the practice. Ultimately, the intention of both Yantra Yoga and Trul-Khor is to clear all of the qualities identified as unwanted obstructions, imbalances, distractions, or afflictions, including negative emotions.

In this state of purification, the student can begin to experience "the natural mind. For both Yantra Yoga and Trul-Khor, meditation is an integral part of the practice; the bodily movements are designed to be experienced with the meditations that are part of each tradition's lineage.

Buddhism, on the other hand, is often presented as a meditative and intellectual religious practice without a physical component. For this reason, says Katz, Westerners have been relatively slower to seek out traditional Tibetan yoga practices than to adopt Buddhism's more ethereal components. For Namkhai Norbu and Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche, releasing these teachings is a matter of necessity—to preserve the traditions—as well as one of generosity, in sharing what they believe can be a beneficial practice leading to spiritual awakening.

But it's also an act of courage, as they send their ancient, closely guarded traditions into a modern world that is likely to change them. Yet if these teachings can make a successful transition to Western culture in the eyes of Tibetan spiritual elders, it's likely to propel even more of Tibet's secrets into the open. Tsegyalgar, the U.

Snow Lion Publications: ; www. Elaine Lipson is a Colorado-based writer specializing in yoga, organic foods and natural health, and textiles. She has practiced the Five Tibetans since Poses by Anatomy. Poses by Level. The Yoga for You. Types of Poses. Yoga Sequences. Yoga by Benefit. Yoga for Beginners. Intermediate Yoga. Advanced Yoga. Yoga History of Yoga. Types of Yoga. Yoga Basics. Yoga FAQs. Benefits of Meditation.

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    Tibet, The Mysterious
    Tibet, The Mysterious
    Tibet, The Mysterious
    Tibet, The Mysterious
    Tibet, The Mysterious
    Tibet, The Mysterious
    Tibet, The Mysterious
    Tibet, The Mysterious
    Tibet, The Mysterious

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